Italy Polls Get Worse For Renzi As Referendum Nears

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By Gavin Jones ROME, Nov 15 (Reuters) - Opinion polls are making increasingly grim reading for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi less than three weeks ahead of a referendum on constitutional reform on which he has staked his political future. Of 32 polls published by 11 different pollsters since Oct. 21, every one has the \'No\' camp ahead, and generally by a widening margin. In three polls published on Monday the lead for \'No\' ranged from five points, according to IPR Marketing, to seven points, according to Tecne, with EMG Acqua in the middle at 6 points.

These results exclude undecided voters, which are estimated at 25.9 percent by EMG Acqua and 16.5 percent by Tecne. The most worrying aspect for Renzi is that as the number of undecided voters declines, the lead zerknij for \'No\' appears to be rising. Bookmakers also hold out little hope for the 41-year-old premier, with Ladbrokes estimating a roughly 75 percent probability of a warto zobaczy_ win for \'No.\' The surveys are so one-way that attention is turning to what Renzi will do if he loses the vote on his plan to drastically reduce the role of the upper house Senate and take powers back from regional governments.

At the start of the campaign he repeatedly said he would resign in the case of defeat. He then declined to confirm that, saying discussion of his own future deflected attention from the merits of the reform, but in the last few days he has once more began hinting that he will not try to hang on in power if he loses. However, most pollsters continue to say the outcome of the Dec. (责任编辑:admin)
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