New Dinosaur Called \‘Mud Dragon\‘ Discovered In China

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An artistic reconstruction of how the Tongtianlong limosus may have seen its end. Drawn by Zhao Chuang A new bird-like dinosaur was just discovered in south China. The specimen was uncovered in the Ganzhou area, during construction work at a school, and it narrowly missed being destroyed by a dynamite explosion. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh and China carried out a study co to za strona identify it. It belongs to a group called the oviraptorosaurs - funny-looking feathered dinosaurs with sharp beaks which were ancestors of birds.

The team named the species Tongtianlong limosus, which roughly translates as \"muddy dragon on the road co to za strona heaven,\" or so it\'s been nicknamed, \"mud dragon.\" The findings were published in the journal Nature , which describes what the strange creature probably would have looked like. It had feathers and a beak-like a bird, but it was flightless. It was also the size of a donkey. The almost intact complete skeleton of Tongtianlong limosus.

University of Edinburgh / University of China The researchers speculate that during the time Tongtianlong limosus was walking the earth, dinosaurs were experiencing a population boost and diversifying into new species. This group was probably one of the largest groups of dinosaurs to moja strona do so before the assumed asteroid impact 66 million years ago, which killed all non-bird dinosaurs. \"This new dinosaur is one of the most beautiful, but saddest, fossils I\0ve ever seen,\" Dr Steve Brusatte , a professor of geoscience and one www of the researchers at the University of Edinburgh that studied the fossil, said in a statement. (责任编辑:admin)
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